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coach leather moisturizer


Coach Coach Leather Moisturizer
  • Coach Coach Leather Moisturizer
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Product details

  • 4 oz.
  • Coach Leather Moisturizer may be used on the following leathers: Crossgrain, Metallic Crossgrain, Metallic Pebble, Natural Calf, Pebble, Polished Pebble, Refined Calf, Signature Calf, Smooth Calf, Soft Calf, Sport Calf, Stamped/Glazed Crocodile, Stamped Snakeskin.
  • Please DO NOT use Coach Leather Moisturizer on Calf Suede or Haircalf. For leathers not on this list, test in an inconspicuous spot and let dry for at least one hour to ensure no negative reaction before proceeding.
  • Follow directions on bottle for usage.

Style No. 65602

Editor's notes

Specially formulated for Coach, this Leather Moisturizer extends the natural life and beauty of our exclusive leathers while preserving each leather’s unique character. Regular use will help preserve both the leather’s suppleness and color.

Leather goods should be moisturized any time they are cleaned or otherwise show signs of dryness.

We recommend that you use only Coach Leather Moisturizer on your Coach leather products. Other moisturizers may alter the sheen or color of our leathers, and may harm them over time.