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The Coach Pillow Experience in collaboration with Cyril Lancelin

In artist and architect Cyril Lancelin’s trademark geometric style, a larger-than-life inflatable sculpture seamlessly wove in the iconic Coach C and took on the playful plushness of our beloved Pillow Tabby.

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Cyril Lancelin

About the Artist

Cyril Lancelin’s hybrid work—forging links between the physical and the fictional— includes sculptures, immersive installations, drawings, virtual experiences and videos. He began his artistic career in Paris and Los Angeles, using 3D modeling techniques and virtual images that he developed in the '90s. Today, he lives and works in Lyon.


April 7–10 , 2022


May 7–11, 2022


May 26–June 4, 2022

The inspirational original.


The making of
something major.

@coach @town.and.concrete #CoachNY #PillowTabby

We love a pillow party.

Scenes from our launch event on April 7.

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