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It starts with a sketch in our New York design studio and ends in the hands of our customers. Bringing a Coach bag to life is a long and exciting process that reaches people and places all over the globe. And throughout every step, we aspire to create and conduct our business in an environmentally-conscious and ethical manner.

Did you know that the average Coach bag is made up of approximately 40 to 50 individual pieces of leather that are sewn together to create the finished product (think of it like a puzzle)? To define the shape of each individual piece, we create a pattern. The patterns are then strategically placed on large pieces of leather, which are then precisely cut.

The arrangement of each pattern piece is critical to our goal of using every possible square inch of leathers. This is imperative not only from a cost perspective, but also from an environmental one.

So what happens to the leather pieces and scraps? All of it is shredded and turned into bonded leather, a backing material that is adhered to the raw leather to prevent it from stretching. We use this leather to ensure the durability and shape of our bags so, none of our leather goes to waste.

Our bags are made of the finest leathers and materials, which we carefully select from suppliers, tanners and manufacturers all over the world. In addition to leather quality, a key factor in our selection process is origin. It is imperative that we know where our leathers and materials, such as metal, come from, and that the source is environmentally and socially responsible.

For example, we will not knowingly source any material that comes from the Amazon rainforest, which is considered one of the most biologically diverse in the world. Scholars have noted that cattle ranching and farming in the Amazon have contributed to deforestation and displacement of indigenous peoples. For this reason, we insist on receiving written confirmation from our tanners that none of their raw materials were sourced from the Amazon region.

Coach is a member of the Leather Working Group, a group of brands, retailers, product manufacturers, leather manufacturers and technical experts that work together to develop an environmental stewardship protocol for the leather manufacturing industry.

Even the simplest Coach bag requires more than 100 steps to assemble. A complex silhouette can take a day and half to complete. The people who create our bags are dedicated to their craft, so we work collaboratively with our partners to make sure that work environments, health and safety are a top priority. How? We routinely visit our partners unannounced, conduct factory walk-throughs to evaluate physical working conditions, and health and safety issues, conduct confidential interviews with workers and review relevant documentation such as payroll, time records, employee age verification, licensures and certificates.

Our bags are well traveled. Once they’ve been completed in our factories, they’re shipped to our distribution centers, then to our stores all over the world. In the past, that trip may have totaled up to 18,000 miles—that’s roughly three quarters of the way across the globe! Today, we do things much differently. As our brand began expanding to more and more countries, we eliminated many transportation legs by using warehouses and facilities in regions where we distribute high volumes of product. And we continually look at ways to maximize our shipping efficiency.

The look and feel of our stores is just as important as the look and feel of our bags. From the fixtures to the lighting, every detail is designed to make you feel welcome and to create the best shopping experience.

We have over 900 directly-operated locations worldwide spanning five continents (and counting), which use a lot of energy. In an effort to reduce our use of electricity, we launched a “Modern Luxury” concept in 2014 to see through our new creative vision and improve our energy efficiency. All of our newly redesigned stores use LED lighting, which uses less power and is more environmentally friendly. A single LED light bulb lasts about 50,000 hours and uses between six to eight watts. A traditional incandescent light bulb lasts about 1,200 hours and uses 60 watts. By using LED lighting wherever possible, we reduce our energy usage in remodeled stores, which contributes to the reduction of our total carbon footprint.

COACH New York City Global Headquarters
We moved into our brand new 740,000-square-foot headquarters at Hudson Yards in 2016. The 895-foot-tall building received LEED Gold Certification for its green construction and highly energy-efficient design, inside and out. Highlights include:

● Designed to be at least 20% more energy efficient than buildings that meet the standard building code

● Advanced lighting technologies and management (e.g. daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, etc.)

COACH Florida Distribution Center
Our 850,000-square-foot facility received LEED Silver Certification for implementing 38 green design and construction features that positively impact the environment, including:

● Solar-powered water heaters to take advantage of approximately 230 days of sunshine per year

● Energy-efficient lighting throughout the building and a smart heating and cooling system that saves hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours per year

We’re proud of our facilities, which represent our commitment to the environment and to our investments in sustainable business operations.

That moment of gratification—unwrapping your brand new Coach bag! Packaging is essential for protecting your bag against scratches and indentations, and maintaining its shape while in transit. We’re constantly looking at ways to minimize packaging while still protecting our products, and have implemented several initiatives to reduce our consumption throughout the product lifecycle. Our motto: If we can’t reduce, we reuse whenever possible. If we can’t reuse, we recycle whenever possible. And we encourage all of our customers to do the same.

Overall, we’ve reduced our packaging at distribution centers by 25% since 2012.

Our shopping bags and gifts boxes are all made from 40% recycled materials and our shipping and gift boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable.

We want you to enjoy your bag for years to come and pass it down for the next generation to wear. And with the proper care, you can! Our stores offer leather care and repair services to extend the natural life of our leather goods and preserve their beauty. We’ve also developed exclusive formulas to clean, moisturize and care for our leather goods at home.

Visit your nearest store or contact us for more information about our care, repair and cleaning services.


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