Made with waste

The production of new materials accounts for 38% of the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions.* That's why, in Coachtopia, we are minimizing our use of virgin raw materials and crafting from what already exists. For example, our Upcrafted leather bags and accessories are made from luxury leather production scraps left over after our bag patterns are cut from leather hides.

* Source: Fashion on Climate, McKinsey & Company, 2020

The Coachtopians

Since the earliest days of Coachtopia, we’ve been inspired by the passion of our Beta Community—a global and growing network of diverse and inspiring Generation Z individuals who are continually sharing their ideas about our products, messages and concepts as we develop them, setting expectations of the change they want to see.

Our partners

By crafting according to our Made Circular™ principles, our goal is to lower the carbon footprint of our products compared to those made by conventional methods. At the same time, we’re collaborating with trusted industry partners to find ways of designing out waste and reducing emissions across Coachtopia’s entire supply chain.