Restored Coachtopia products are pre-loved products that have been meticulously repaired and restored to their best by our team of U.S.-based craftspeople so that they can be re-sold to a new customer.


Upcrafting is a process in which materials or products are upcycled through craft techniques for a unique, artisanal result. Through Upcrafting techniques, we’re able to turn leather production scraps into intricately woven Upcrafted leather, and reimagine pre-loved or damaged products into new, one-of-a-kind styles through ingenious repairs and embellishments. Each Upcrafted product is a labor of love, made possible by the creativity of our designers and the expertise of our craftspeople and suppliers.


When we receive a pre-loved product that is too damaged to be repaired, we can often deconstruct and creatively use the materials to create other products. These newly remade products help to extend the use of our materials by giving them a second and, in some cases, even a third life.


When a Coachtopia product reaches the end of its lifespan and does not have materials we can use for Upcrafting or remaking, we work with like-minded partners that can recycle its materials into new ones of the same or similar value, with the ultimate goal of using these materials to make new Coachtopia products.


Some materials cannot be readily recycled into equivalent materials of the same value or quality, but that doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. By shredding and/or respinning these scraps, we can reimagine them for other uses, such as the filling for our Coach (Re)Loved Remade Bears or Coachtopia ottomans. This way, when a Coachtopia product is returned to us (see Trade In, above) and is no longer usable, we can work to disassemble it and save even the smallest scraps of its materials from ending up in landfill.