Coachtopia leather

Our Coachtopia leather, used in many of our bags and small leather goods, is made with at least 50% recycled leather scraps from tanneries. Though it’s made with waste, it sacrifices nothing in terms of style: Coachtopia has worked with its partners to ensure Coachtopia leather has the premium finish, texture and hand feel that you would expect from a Coach leather product—but with an at least 60% lower carbon footprint versus virgin leather.

Recycled textiles

Our Coachtopia T-shirts and hoodies, as well as the dustbags we optionally provide with Coachtopia product, are made from at least 95% recycled pre-consumer cotton textile scraps. These materials help support closed loop recycling, meaning that, if our Coachtopia apparel is returned to a Coach retail store, it can be recycled into new materials with no loss in value or quality. Our fabrics made with at least 95% recycled cotton have a 40% lower carbon footprint than fabrics made with conventionally grown virgin cotton.*

*Based on our impact calculator currently under critical review.

Recycled polyester

Our Coachtopia recycled canvas totes are crafted with a 100% recycled polyester shell. This recycled canvas fabric has a 25% lower carbon footprint than if it was made of virgin materials.

The thread used in our Coachtopia bags, small leather goods, accessories and footwear is a 100% recycled polyester thread. The thread used to stitch our Coachtopia T-shirts and hoodies in black and white (the fabric of which is made from at least 95% recycled cotton) will begin to transition to a 100% recycled polyester thread from fall 2023.

*Based on our impact calculator currently under critical review.

Recycled resin

The multi-coloured recycled resin used in Coachtopia handles and hangtags is made from at least 70% recycled plastic, which is sorted by color and then extruded into new materials in one-of-a-kind patterns and colors.

Recycled packaging

Our Coachtopia shoeboxes and clamshell shipping boxes are made from at least 75% recycled cardboard and printed with Algae Ink, a responsibly sourced, renewable pigment. Our Coachtopia paper hangtags, tissue paper and gift note cards are made from 100% recycled paper.

Upcrafted Leather

Upcrafted leather is made from Coach production waste, specifically, the scraps of leather left over after Coach bag patterns are cut from leather hides. In Coachtopia we’re finding new ways to upcycle even the smallest of these scraps into beautiful new materials through various Upcrafting techniques, including patchwork, weaving, appliqué, sequins, press leathers, and scrap binding. By crafting with these pre-existing materials, which might otherwise have been sent to landfill, we can make beautiful new products while working to reduce our use of virgin raw materials. For example, our Wavy Dinky in Checkerboard Upcrafted Leather has a 71% lower carbon footprint that a similar bag made in conventional materials.

Repurposed deadstock

In line with our mission to repurpose existing materials, some Coachtopia products are made from “deadstock” – that is, leather, textiles and garments left over after a collection is produced.

Regenerative leather

Regenerative leathers are leathers sourced from farms that use regenerative agricultural practices, such as grazing management and crop rotation. These practices can help to increase biodiversity and increase soil health, which can lead to absorption of atmospheric carbon. Coach has partnered with the Savory Institute and Other Half Processing to support the transition of farms and ranches to regenerative agricultural processes that help build a better future for the leather industry.

Sugarcane EVA

Coachtopia’s footwear soles are made from a renewable EVA copolymer that contains at least 40% bio-based content where a renewable sugarcane ethanol is used in place of fossil-based alternatives. This partially bio-based EVA has a 48% reduced carbon footprint compared to standard EVA (the material commonly used in footwear soles).

Algae Ink

Our Coachtopia shoeboxes and clamshell shipping boxes are made from at least 75% recycled cardboard and printed with Algae Ink™, a water-based ink that uses pigments produced by renewable spirulina Algae instead of petroleum-based alternatives.