Removable hardware

Our removable hardware has been designed to be easily detached from Coachtopia products by our craftspeople while reducing the likelihood of damage to the products’ original materials, meaning that bags can be more easily repaired and the materials themselves can be better recycled or reused.

Binding constructions

A binding construction is one in which the raw edges of two layers of leather are joined together via an overstitched binding tape. This construction is easier to repair and deconstruct than in-seam and edge-painted constructions, both of which are frequently used in luxury handbags and leather goods.

Proportional cutting

We’re working to design Coachtopia products from the outset so that they can be reimagined into second and third generation products through the creative reuse of their existing materials—with minimal waste. For example, a shoulder bag that can eventually be deconstructed and remade into a crossbody, which can in turn be deconstructed and remade into a wallet.