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How do I treat my bag to some TLC?

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We offer free lifetime leather care at our Coach Retail stores, but you can also care for your bag at home with our easy tips.
Our core leathers, crafted to last a lifetime (with a little love and care along the way).
Sport Calf
A classic Coach leather that requires special care, with a vintage look that gets better with age.
Fabrics and
Woven Materials
Lightweight and low-maintenance materials perfect for everyday style.
Some leathers require care that's unique to them (don't we all?).
Product TLC
How to keep sneakers box-fresh, and more.
Coach Leathers
All of our leathers are crafted to last—and naturally, they need a little care from time to time to keep them looking their best. Most of our core Coach leathers can be cleaned with our Coach Leather Cleaner and Coach Leather Moisturizer set.

Watch the video to see how to give your leather a spa treatment at home.
You can also visit your nearest Coach Retail store, and we'll clean and condition your bag for you. (Appointments are recommended to avoid a wait).

Soft, supple and as durable as its namesake the baseball glove, Glovetanned earned us our name as the Original American House of Leather. (You know when you see someone carrying a gorgeous vintage Coach bag? That's our Glovetanned Leather). Wear it out to wear it in. It will only get more beautiful with age.

We're proud that our Glovetanned Leather is made in partnership with an LWG Gold-Rated tannery. Learn more about what this means here.

Soft, supple and durable like our Original Glovetanned leather, Glovetanned Pebble features an embossed pebble grain and a silky hand-feel.

We are proud to partner with the Leather Working Group and Savory Institute to bring regenerative leather into our collections that can help have a positive impact on the environment. Uniquely designed to maintain and rejuvenate grasslands and to increase biological diversity, soil health and productivity, our regenerative leather is soft and easygoing with a lightly pebbled grain.

Classic and smooth (like the name implies), smooth calf is a fine-grained, durable leather with a polished finish.

Crafted of lightweight goatskin with a special grain, soft grain leather is silky soft with a beautiful drape.

Inspired by the everyday hustle, crossgrain is lightweight and durable with a finely grained surface.

Soft and easy going, pebble leather is recognizable by its special pebbled grain.

Our soft and easygoing pebble leather, embossed with our iconic pattern.

Crafted from fine-grained Italian lambskin, our nappa has a natural sheen and buttery handfeel. To keep it looking its best, avoid exposure to heat and moisture.

Sport Calf
A cousin of our Glovetanned Leather, Sport Calf is a soft, durable leather with a "vintage" look. To care for it, clean with a damp cloth and moisturize with our Coach Leather Moisturizer.
Fabric and Woven Materials
Bags and accessories crafted in canvas or fabric (including jacquard) can be cleaned with a damp or dry soft cloth.

Sturdy and lightweight—and printed with our iconic pattern—Signature canvas is style for your everyday.

Crafted of fabric woven with our iconic pattern, Signature Jacquard was introduced in 2001 (and still going strong).

Lightweight and easy to clean, it doesn't get more practical than nylon.

For that carefree summer feeling anywhere, straw is an all-natural and delicate material that should be cleaned and handled carefully.

An enduring symbol of American cool, lightweight and carefree denim is an essential part of our Coach story. Note: colours may transfer to other items.

Coach canvas is a durable and easygoing material crafted with the everyday in mind. Note: colour may fade naturally over time.

Specialty Leathers
The below leathers and materials can be cleaned with a dry cloth, but they also require care that's unique to them (don't we all?).

This delicate material can also be cleaned professionally. Handle it with care and avoid exposing to moisture.

Extra soft and luxurious, Coach suede is durable but should not be exposed to water.

These delicate leathers should not be exposed to water or moisture. When cleaning, wipe in the direction of the scales.

Shearling is a luxuriously soft material considered a symbol of American cool (and one of our house codes). Shearling can be cleaned professionally.

Vegetable-tanned and made with all-natural dyes and finishes, Original Natural Leather is made in partnership with a Leather Working Group Gold-Rated tannery (Learn more about what this means here.) Featuring natural marks and wrinkles, this leather will develop its own character over time. Do not expose to water, as colors may run. Do not leave in direct sunlight, as color fading may occur.

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Contact Coach Customer Care or visit a store and we'll recommend the right care for your bag.

For frequently asked Coach product care questions, check out our YouTube series with our leather expert Debi the Restorer:

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More Product TLC (Including keeping sneakers box-fresh✨)

Each Coach ready-to-wear piece and soft accessory is unique. To learn more about the care of your garment, read the instructions on its care label (sewn to the product). Still have questions? Contact Coach Customer Care.

Leather (Sneakers and Dress Shoes)

Leather dress shoes and sneakers can be cleaned and conditioned with Coach Leather Cleaner and Coach Leather Moisturizer. You can also call to make an appointment at