Our Planet

At Coach, we believe that better made things create a better future for all. Why? Because keeping and wearing what you buy for longer (even a few months) decreases the impact it has on the planet .

Today, we stand behind the promise that our stuff is made to look good, wear beautifully, and to last for a (very) long time. Which is good news not only for you, but for the planet, too. So, wear it, love it, pass it on. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Coach and its Tapestry family are proud to be named one of Barron’s 2020 Most Sustainable Companies in America. Learn more about these rankings here.

In 2018, Tapestry signed the United Nations Global Compact, a corporate sustainability initiative that aligns businesses, strategies and operations with ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Learn more about the initiative here.

The Coach Originals. Wear it, love it, pass it on.

Our Products

Coach was founded in 1941 in New York by six artisans with a vision to create beautiful, well-made leather goods. Today as in 1941, we create our products according to high quality standards, not only because we know you appreciate beautiful, well-made things—but because the longer our products last, the less their environmental impact on the world.

From sourcing fine materials to artisanal craft techniques and rigorous quality testing, we adhere to a set of quality standards that ensure our products are not only beautiful, but made to last a long time.

Our Leather

As the original American house of leather since 1941, leathercraft has been the heart and soul of our house since our founding. We can confidently say we’re experts when it comes to how it’s sourced, made and crafted into beautiful designs. We even have our own proprietary leather, our original Glovetanned leather. Inspired by the suppleness and durability of baseball gloves, it is tanned to become more beautiful over time and takes on a patina (or a “worn in” look) and character unique to each wearer.

We don’t just care about how leather looks. We care about its impact, too. We are proud that, in 2019, we sourced 63 percent of our leathers from Leather Working Group Gold- and Silver-rated tanneries. (This is the highest environmental standard in the industry for leather-making). Learn more about the tanneries we work with and the Leather Working Group’s rating system under Our Processes and Partners.

We have a goal to source 90 percent of our Tapestry family leathers from Gold- and Silver-rated tanneries by 2025.


From the selection of high-quality hides to a final inspection process by Coach representatives, our leathers are treated with a unique level of care, consideration and craftsmanship.

Each time we create leather for our products, we rigorously test it for color fastness , light fastness, abrasion resistance and other metrics—in addition to wear and compliance testing—to ensure it’s truly made to last.

It’s this special combination of uniformity, color, durability, suppleness and natural character that makes our leathers special.


We select only high quality fabrics and materials for our bags—sourced from select textile mills that specialize in high quality fabrics.


Our bags undergo some of the most rigorous quality tests before they meet our customers. As well as those mentioned above, we also test construction strength—did you know our bag straps are weight-tested?

Leathers are treated with a unique level of care and craftsmanship.

Complimentary Lifetime Leather Care

Like you, our leather loves a good beauty treatment. Treat it to a cleanse and moisturize at any Coach retail store—it’s free. We recommend calling ahead for an appointment (and bear in mind, you’ll probably have to leave the bag there for a few days) .

You can also care for your leather at home by purchasing our leather cleaner. (The fine print will tell you which leathers can be cleaned safely, or call us at 1.888.262.6224 and we’ll be happy to help).

Read more about our leather care here.


If your bag is broken or worn, don’t chuck it, repair it! We offer a one-year warranty on our leathergoods for all quality defects. After that, the wonderful craftspeople at our very own repair shop will work their magic for anywhere between $45 and $110. We offer this service for all Coach leathergoods (excluding Coach Outlet), no matter when they were purchased (hand-me-downs: we love them).

Learn more about repairing your bag here.


Another way to give your bag a makeover: Coach Create, our design-it-yourself customization service. Add embellishments or a monogram (and more). Try it now in stores or online here.

Recycled Content

All of our shopping bags are recyclable, and are created from 55 percent recycled content in our Retail stores and 60 percent in our Outlet stores. Our boxes are recyclable as well. They are created from 60 percent recycled content in both our Retail and Outlet businesses.

It’s our goal to reach at least 75 percent recycled content in our packaging by 2025.

We’re a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a collaboration between 250+ brands in the fashion industry.

Our Processes and Partners

The Leather Working Group

To ensure we’re making our leather as ethically as possible, we work with Leather Working Group tanneries that meet our standards for quality, consistency and environmental impact.

In 2019, 63 percent of our leather was sourced from LWG Gold and Silver-rated tanneries. By 2025, our goal is 90 percent.

The Leather Working Group is a nonprofit organization of brands, craftspeople, suppliers, traders and experts who work with leather, brought together with a shared goal of improving the leather industry’s impact on the environment.

The Leather Working Group scores tanneries based on (very important) things like waste, energy, water and chemical management and traceability.

Learn more about the LWG here.


By 2025, we’ve committed to 95 percent traceability and mapping of our raw materials to ensure a transparent and responsible supply chain. This will enable us to make informed and responsible choices about whom we work with.

Our Code of Conduct

Currently, every supplier we work with is expected to meet our Supplier Code of Conduct. We strategically conduct audits to ensure these standards are met.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition

In 2020, we and our Tapestry brands were proud to announce our membership in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, a collaboration between 250+ members across the fashion industry with a shared vision to produce no unnecessary environmental harm and have a positive impact on the people and communities associated with its activities.

The SAC has created the Higg Index, which measures sustainability performance across products, stores, offices and supply chain. We are currently using the Higg Index tools to measure ours and hope to share progress in the future.

The Coach Workshop in New York City, then and now.

Our Places

Green Building Certification

Our corporate team in North America is proud to work from 10 Hudson Yards, the first commercial office building in New York to earn a LEED Platinum certification. Sounds impressive, right? Here’s what it means; LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” and is a well-recognized rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, a membership-based nonprofit that promotes sustainability in building design, construction and operation. Platinum is the highest rating in the LEED system a building can receive (nice!).

The ratings look at things like water and energy efficiency and emissions, recycling and waste management, the quality of the indoor environment, design innovation and more.

To learn more about how we earned this rating, read here and here.

Green Building Certification

”Our distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida, earned a LEED Silver Certification. For more about this certification, and LEED, read more under “Our Headquarters.”

Waste Diversion

In 2019, 92 percent of the waste that came from our Distribution Center in Jacksonville, Florida was kept out of landfills through a robust recycling program.

Energy Efficiency

We are committed to making our stores as energy-efficient as possible. For example, in every retrofit of our stores, we install LED bulbs in our fixtures and overhead lighting—which uses about 60 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. And using less energy is important to us: our Tapestry family set a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2025.

Our headquarters at 10 Hudson Yards is the first commercial office building in New York to have earned a LEED Platinum certification.